“Machig-la, in what ways is this dharma system of yours, this Chöd, more profound and significant than other teachings?”

"Listen son. My dharma system, Mahāmudrā Chöd, is much better than other teachings. Its meaning of crucial significance is very profound. It is an uncommon, distinctive dharma doctrine, a teaching of esoteric instruction unlike the others. This teaching is the marrow of all religions, the pinnacle of all vehicles, the most sublime essence of all sūtra and tantra rolled into one. The teaching that liberates the four devils in their own ground is the supreme method to forcefully eliminate the five poisons. It is the axe that cuts the roots of the green tree of ego-fixation. It is the army that decisively averts the battle of cyclic existence. It is the force that conquers the eighty thousand kinds of obstructing forces. It is the good medicine that overcomes 404 kinds of disease. It does not come to fruition at a much later time; rather it is an instruction for complete awakening in one life and in one body. Unlike any other dharma system, this Sacred Dharma Chöd is the yoginī's special teaching." ~ Machig Labdrön


Machig Ling in Calgary is a a small non-monastic Tibetan Buddhist centre in the Thorncliffe neighbourhood in Northwest Calgary that is focused on the practice of Chöd, sometimes written as Chod or Chö.

The centre is under the spiritual direction of Venerable Chödpa Lama Rinpoche, and is part of Rinpoche’s international group, Machig Ling. The day to day operation of the Canadian centre in Calgary is the responsibility of Dechen Namdröl.

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*Machig Labdrön quote from “Machik’s Complete Explanation: Clarifying the Meaning of Chod”.