Machig Labdron and Padampa Sangye

Machig Labdron (1055-1152 A.D.)

Machig Ling in Calgary is a a small non-monastic Tibetan Buddhist (Karma Kagyu) centre in the Thorncliffe neighbourhood in Northwest Calgary that is focused on the practice of Chöd, sometimes written as Chod or Chö.

Lord Buddha turned the wheel of dharma three times, with the second turning revealing the true nature of all things, Prajnaparamita, of which Chö is a means to practice and realize this.

The teachings on true nature were what the great siddhas of India practiced and passed on through their different traditions. The supreme Tibetan female master and saint Machig Labdron, prophesied by the Buddha as an emanation of the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, received these transmissions from many siddhas and formulated them into what we know as Chöd, which means to cut or sever. What is cut is ego grasping, the root of our suffering, through the realization of our true nature, which is the essence of all the Buddha’s teachings.

The centre was founded in October of 2010 and in June of 2014 the spiritual direction of the centre was taken over by Venerable Chödpa Lama Rinpoche, and is part of Rinpoche’s international group, Machig Ling. The day to day operation of the Canadian centre in Calgary is the responsibility of Dechen Namdröl.

There are regular group practice sessions twice weekly. Friday evenings is devoted to Shamatha meditation. For more information on Friday evenings or on the Sunday sessions please see the Study and Practice page.

Please also visit the calendar page to see the current schedule. You can even subscribe to the calendar on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.